Thursday, September 11, 2014

6 Types of Misogynists You'll Meet in Your Lifetime

1    1. Stanley Kowalski misogynist – or the classic misogynist. He wears a stained undershirt literally named after domestic abuse. He scratches his chest. He drinks - a lot. He burps aloud and not long after he (unironically) asks you to make him a sandwich. Chances are he won’t look Marlon Brando doing it, either. He may not seem very bright, but at least you know where this misogynist stands.

             2. Party school misogynist - or frat bro. You barely want to raise feminist issues at all with this lovable scamp! He’s so gregarious and funny that you find it difficult to hate on him, even when he says stupid things, like, “Hillary Clinton has balls – I’m sure of it!” before tossing a ping pong ball into a Solo cup. Besides, it's likely he'll forget the entire conversation by the next morning.

3.  Ivy League-educated misogynist. You won't "believe" where he went to school - and to your disappointment, it's not Hogwarts. It's Harvard, or Princeton or Yale. If this misogynist were a fine wine, he’d have notes of class-based condescension and well-cited evolutionary psychology study references. "Dear, if you just read a book, you would know your gender is naturally inferior. Now let me introduce you to some fine Port wines."


4. International misogynist. It’s not that he doesn’t respect women. It’s just that in his home country, sexual assault is seduction and workplace harassment is “being friendly.” It’s a cultural difference, you tell yourself. His lovely accent may persuade you that it’s all in your head (American prudery has run amok!), but in reality he’s no less misogynist than your Stanley Kowalskis, and not any better liked by women back home.

      5. Intellectual misogynist. He likes smart women – or so he says. He loves that you know all of the books he’s read, keep up on current events and have a “serious” job. But the truth is that your intellect only serves one purpose – to appreciate his intellect. He wants you to tell him how smart he is – not intellectually challenge him.

      6. The Liberal Misogynist. He listens to NPR, buys cage-free eggs and does yoga. He’s sensitive. He’s evolved. He acknowledges sexism existed once – but it’s over now. Hanna Rosin said so. He just thinks feminism is going too far, with all of this "Yes Means Yes" talk and what, can he not tell Sarah The Intern that her curls are adorable? He wants credit for being an advocate of women without any of the hard work or critical thinking.